My Story

Hooktopi Crochet Items

I have been crocheting since my daughter was a year old. It became something to do when I wasn't working but it quickly became a passion. Over the years I have had many ideas about how I wanted to sell my items but could never really stick with an idea. 

About a year ago my aunt approached me to crochet some of the Octopus plushies she had been seeing around on line that were being sent to premies. She asked me to make some for the NICU in Hawaii that took such good care of my little cousin when he was born. I happily agreed and as I made them and posted pictures people really seemed to connect with them. So I started making more and more of them. 

Then came the hard part...coming up with a name. I wanted something catchy but that combined my little octopi that were becoming such a big hit and my love of my craft. It was not easy but one day the light bulb came on and Hooktopi was born (it is pronounced Hook - toe - pie). 

You will also find a section of the shop that is geared toward crocheting supplies. Crochet enthusiast don't get enough love when it comes to the bigger stores so I want to help you by selling things that I have found to be useful when crocheting.

I still make octopi to send to small children who need that comfort when asked so if you know of a child in need please contact me but also feel free to shop my store. Custom orders are available all you need to do is ask. 

Owner of Hooktopi