Custom Orders

Custom Orders Welcome

You are more than welcome to send in a request for custom items. Below is a little more information about what is needed and what to expect. 

The Email

Please send your custom order request to You will need to include the following. 

  • What the item is - If it is a particular pattern you want done please add the link in the email. There are a lot of patterns out there and searching down the right one can delay my response time. 


  • Details - I need to know how big you want it (if it is a blanket, hat, scarf, etc) What colors you want (please do not ask what colors I have on hand. I am more than happy to go to the yarn store to get what you want) If you have a particular fiber in mind (wool, cotton, etc.). Who is it for (if it is a plushie knowing the age of the recipient will determine if I use plastic eyes or embroider the face).

  • The Deadline - I need to know when you need the item. The bigger the item the more time it will take to make it and I need to know how to schedule the time.


The Deposit. 

All custom orders require a 50% non-refundable deposit. This money goes to buying yarn to make the item and/or buying the pattern (if needed).


I price item on a case by case basis. These are some of the main factors that go into the pricing. 
The size of the item - the bigger the item the more yarn and time it will require.
The complexity of the pattern - crochet is a craft where you never stop learning. The more complicated the pattern requested the more time it will take 
The type of yarn - there are many different types of yarn if you want a specialty yarn that is more expensive that will go into my decision. 

Some Things to Consider

The bigger then item the more time it will take. If you need a queen sized blanket as a Christmas gift please do not order it in November.  I will not be able to get it done that fast. The general rule is order the item at least two months in advanced so all details can be ironed out in time to get it done. 

Custom items are going to be a little more on the expensive side. I try to get my items affordable but custom items can climb in price. Once the 50% deposit fee is paid than i start working. I do allow you to make payments on these items but the item will not be shipped until the item is paid in full 

Custom items are non-refundable and non-returnable because they are tailored to meet your desires and needs. 

The Process

After all the little details have been ironed out and the 50% deposit paid I will purchase everything necessary and get started. 

I will send you pictures via email weekly to show you the progress being made on your project. When I have a custom order I work on no other projects until it is finished.

Once the item is finished you will receive a final picture of the item for your approval. Once you approve and the item is paid for in full your item will be shipped! 


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