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3 Pack of Vintage Columbia Minerva Knitting Pattern Books

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All are in great condition. They were previously owned by an elderly knitter so there are a few handmade notes in some of the margins. These books are loaded with great patterns. 

1. Knits for Kids Book 757
45-page booklet with knitted projects children and pre-teens sizes 8 to 14. Projects include Irish knits, Scandinavian knits, sweaters, coats, outfits, sweaters, ski-mask, blazers, cardigans, scarf, jumper, pullovers, blouse, dress, jacket, and others for both boys and girls. No publication date on the booklet.

2. Columbia Minerva Men's Book Vol. 734
c.1965 -Columbia Minerva Mens Book Volume 734- Mens knitting pattern book with instructions for a large variety of sweaters and vests, classic styling, Columbia-Minerva Corporation, 49 pages. This is a used pattern book as previously stated but it is still in great condition. All patterns are intact but there may be some notes written in the margins.

3. Columbia Minerva Hand Knits for Men
56 Page book of Men's wear knitting patterns. It is in great condition, Some of the corners look like they may have gotten slightly wet at some point but doesn't affect the patterns. These patterns are from around 1969ish ( there is no publication date on the book)

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